You have questions for us?

Here you will find your answers to all questions about AISportsWatch.

What costs arise for the association?

We offer our camera at a unique price of 139€, 159€ and 189€ per month plus VAT at our Page. The contract period refers to three seasons. The electricity costs are about 5,- € per year. The installation costs and the LTE costs as well as the maintenance are paid by soccerwatch.tv. Also the use of our video portal including the transmission of the matches is free of charge for the club.

Do you install the cameras only in NRW or all over Germany?

The soccerwatch.tv camera is available all over Germany. If you are interested in our system, feel free to contact us.

What do we have to do to get a soccerwatch camera?

Please fill the Registration form from.

Do you already have experience with other sports such as ice hockey?

We are evaluating several other sports, including ice hockey and show jumping. As soon as we have something definite, we will communicate it.

Our A-place has no lighting. Is it possible to install the system here anyway?

We need something on which we can mount the camera like a grandstand or something similar. So it is possible, but the conditions must fit.

How does the system know when a game is scheduled and how long it takes?

We stick to the official DFB match schedule.

Can previous games be accessed in a kind of media library?

Yeah, right! For example here.

How high must the camera hang?

The camera is ideally mounted at a height of 7.5 meters. This height is similar to the usual perspective of TV football broadcasts. The minimum height is 4 meters, the maximum height is 10 meters.

What is needed on the sports field?

We need something on which we can mount the camera (floodlight mast, grandstand, etc.) and electricity.

What about the image rights?

The image rights belong in principle to the association, which exercises its domiciliary rights on its grounds. He decides who comes on his course and what is done there. So that soccerwatch.tv can broadcast the videos, the club grants soccerwatch.tv the use of these image rights.

May I as a club link my videos on Facebook etc.?

Yes, there are even buttons directly below the video to enable sharing on social media with just one click

What about data protection?

It goes without saying that the statutory data protection laws according to German law are observed.

What if the sports field does not have a central floodlight mast?

At the moment our camera still has to be mounted in the middle. If necessary a grandstand or similar can be used.

Who must agree to the publication of the videos?

It is sufficient if the spectators, players and referees are pointed to the video recordings by a clearly visible sign (provided by soccerwatch.tv).